Bulldozer D475A-5EO 30080

Unique and unrivaled noise-suppression.



  • SAA12V140E-3 turbocharged after-cooled diesel engine provide an output of 664 kW 890 HP with excellent productivity. This engine is EPA Tier 2 emission certified.
  • Extra-low machine profile provides excellent machine balance and low center of gravity.
  • Preventative maintenance
    ● Centralized service station
    ● Enclosed hydraulic piping
    ● Modular power train design
    ● Oil pressure checking ports
  • Simple hull frame and monocoque track frame with pivot shaft for greater reliability.
  • Large blade capacities: 27.2 m3 35.6 yd3 (Semi-U dozer) and 34.4 m3 45.0 yd3 (U dozer) S
  • The dual tilt dozer (option) increases productivity while reducing operator effort.
  • Automatic lockup torque converter saves fuel and increases speed and power transmission efficiency on long pushes.
  • Komatsu-integrated design for the best value, reliability, and versatility. Hydraulics, power train, frame, and all other major components are engineered by Komatsu. You get a machine whose components are designed to work together for higher production, greater reliability, and more versatility.
  • Hydraulic drive radiator cooling fan controlled automatically, reduces fuel consumption and operating noise levels.


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